We Okay (feat. King Los)

by KayR



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'We Okay (feat. King Los)' is the new single from KayR. It features Baltimore rapper King Los.


(Drama Gang)

So how you doin' huh?
We okay (x10)
So how you doin' huh?
We okay (x10)
(And we about to tear it up) (x3)
So how you doin' huh?

Verse 1 (KayR):
We okay. Got a bit of money so now we gon' pay
He gon' pray if he hating on me like he know Kay
She gon' stay out the VIP if she don't chip in. Frito lay
I got a bunch of actors 'round here. But you know that we don't play
Hey! I'm here to have a good time. Good rhymes so I should shine
Put nine more bottles on the tab, god damn, dirty bars like Woodbine
Aw man. Don't stand around it. If I hear this shit, man, can I panic?
Other rappers only want ass pics if those photos be panoramic
I be on that shit that'll make your vitals stop
Y'all be dumb and 'bout that paper so I call you Michael Scott
It's time for everybody to stop acting like I'm new to ya
I've got a question


Verse 2 (King Los):
I feel like a giant, highly non-compliant, wild and I'm defiant, piling guys on piles
And pound for pound the best, my niggas pushing pounds of Miley Cyrus
While the violent drivers pull the phantoms up. Standing up on the couch
And I'm up, banding up, I need a band to come play while I ante up
Stand me up for my bread, hit your family, your auntie, your Uncle Greg
Hit your granny, your daddy, your momma too,
Follow you. You no follow rules, I'mma do
What I have to, with the chapter in this book I'm writing
And it looks exciting. While these niggas fighting I'm sippin' tea
Jump out Phantoms like, "bitch it's me!" Hundred chains like I'm Mr. T
Crispy T, just a g. Lot of bitch niggas pissed at me. Hit your bitch now you history
I'm like Curry, don't miss a three. No worries, no misery. I just bury my enemies
Various tendencies, that we don't say. We don't play. We okay.



released October 16, 2015
Production: BeatG33kz



all rights reserved


KayR Winnipeg, Manitoba

KayR has released 13 mixtapes since he began rapping in 2010 and has written, recorded, produced or been featured on over 350 songs.
Whilst also completing a B.A. and pursuing an M.A. as well as working as an actor, director, playwright, sound designer, and theatrical producer Kevin ‘KayR’ Ramberran has managed to complete his first professional album. Skyline Mirages is set for release in 2013.
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