Skyline Mirages

by KayR

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Skyline Mirages is the debut album from Canadian hip-hop artist KayR. A slightly conceptual and alternative soundscape filled with witty, emotional and energetic lyrics that aim to make an impression on listeners.


released December 17, 2013

Mixed by Chris Lee
Mastered by Kyle McCormick for Extract Engineering



all rights reserved


KayR Winnipeg, Manitoba

KayR has released 13 mixtapes since he began rapping in 2010 and has written, recorded, produced or been featured on over 350 songs.
Whilst also completing a B.A. and pursuing an M.A. as well as working as an actor, director, playwright, sound designer, and theatrical producer Kevin ‘KayR’ Ramberran has managed to complete his first professional album. Skyline Mirages is set for release in 2013.
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Track Name: The Mirage (Feat. Erin)
[Hook: KayR & (Erin)]
Everything is so clear
(This is not what it seems)
I can see it from here
(You've been blinded by dreams)
It's to good to be true
(These pieces aren't a collage)
Don't know what I can do
(This is just a mirage)

[Verse 1: KayR]
So many lights in my vision, now my writing is fishing
Dropping lines in a wishing well and I'm fighting the friction
Of this Bic upon this diction. Call me science fiction
Out of this world and out of your jurisdiction
No judging. Court is adjourned
Cause I can hear the sounds of crowds and my mind is spurred
I make it burn, make it burn. Yeah, it's my turn
Like I flipped the script from Scarface, no stone's unturned
I believe I can make it. How can I doubt it?
This new feeling in my bones and beat my heart's pounding
Is the only thing I rhyme to. Now I can hear
I know what I'm seeing and, well, everything is so clear


[Verse 2: KayR]
I flipped when I couldn't clear that Popular sample
Thought it was the only way to get a plaque on the mantle
Thought that I couldn't handle failure, protected myself
Said, "If the album got shelved, I'd blame the cards I got dealt
Not the way that I played them." And to all of the voyeurs
I'd blame the flop on Stephen Schwartz's lawyers
Thinking if I got this clearance that I'd have popped this year and
At the same time, man, my Pops was fearing
If I drop this year and take off from here then
His prediction for the future just would not appear, man
Sorry Pops, but I'm a still be what I have to be
I can see the bright lights now, don't need gravity, ugh


[Bridge: KayR and (Erin)]
I'm never going back
(Come back)
I'm never going back
(Come back)
I'm never going back
(Come back)
I'm never going back
(Come back x 5)

[Outro: Erin]
This is not what it seems
You've been blinded by dreams
These pieces aren't a collage
This is just a mirage
Track Name: Doubt (Feat. David James)
[Hook: David James and (KayR)]
You know what I'm about, open up your eyes
Because I'm a play it loud, look up to the skies
Because you gone want to doubt me
(But I'm a make it happen)
Want to doubt me
(You run it and I'm lapping)
Want to doubt me
(But I'm a get you clapping. When I'm rapping
I be snapping on these beats. Y'all be napping)

[Verse 1: KayR]
Ain't nobody in this game will be as sick as me
Somebody get me to the E.R
I recharged my batteries to batter these peons
Be gone. Feeling so right it can't be wrong
Buzz Lightyear flow: Infinity and Beyond
There he go again
Beat got you hopped up on endorphins
And I'm making more sense
All that's left is dollars so, you should give me more then
Organ donor rap. I put my heart inside the back-beat
Me and hip-hop won't stop winning just like a tag-team
Your thoughts are switched up: drag queen
I make sure the haters stay falling: bad dream
You doubted me, you doubted me. Good job fool you doubted me
But ain't nobody hearing you. I got the mic, I'm shouting g
Y'all trying but y'all fronting. I'm tired of flaws and tragedies
Defying you is nothing. I defy the laws of gravity


[Verse 2: KayR]
Who told these wack rappers they could step to me?
They're going to end up in the E.R
They're calling me four-eyes but soon they'll call me C4
I blow it up and they all drop
I'm in my own element the stove is real hot
Seal locks shut so they stay out
Because I ain't down with the hate. It's played out
Getting daps for being masterful. My tracks blow off your hair
Their raps are all collapsible but mine go anywhere
In her ear. In her inner ear
Dropping lines that'll make that goose-skin appear
But I ain't talking to her. Oh my god
I got your girl in love and I am only in her iPod
Any basic playlist with Kay is ace, it's okay for you to face it
Because you know that you're basic
Center stage is my position. Killing any g
Don't care if you're doubting because you all ain't even in my league


[Outro: David James]
You don't believe me. Think I'm a quitter
Got what it takes, I am on the next level
I'm going to rise above it
I'm going to stop at nothing
I'm going to stop at nothing
I'm going to stop at nothing
Track Name: Honesty
[Intro Hook]
I know I ain't like you, but I'm just being honest
Hand me that mic dude and I'll kill it, I promise
I'm storming right through, man, I'm feeling to bomb this
The best in the game too, you know I'm being honest

[Verse 1]
Flowing like I'm classic, connected like I'm bandwidth
Smoking on that nothing, because I think that I'm asthmatic
I ain't feeling to mask it. High school? I passed it
Yes, I lose my temper when I'm stuck in traffic
Got lots of questions, trying to solve some problems
I claim agnostic, but I still ask God the odd one
Honestly, I'm kind of scared of goons and goblins
Because I don't want trouble. I want to hang like Opossums
I haven't had a very hard life
And I could never hit a ball the way that Barry Bonds might
In fact, I'm really bad at sports. But I could still bury on site
Cause I've got a black belt and a very strong right

I know I ain't like you, but I'm just being honest
Hand me that mic dude and I'll kill it, I promise
I'm storming right through, man, I'm feeling to bomb this
The best in the game too, you know I'm being honest
Honest, I'm just being honest
Honest, I'm just being honest
Honest, I'm just being honest
I'm just being, I'm just being, I'm just being honest

[Verse 2]
For all the homies on the wrist-watch
There's about one grand on my wrist, watch
Want to the know the truth about my wrist watch?
My momma bought me this watch
I support gay marriage
Sometimes my music makes me feel embarrassed
But then I just go grin and bear it
Cause I love the feeling that I get when I share it
Plus I know that I'm one hell of a writer
One hell of a rapper. One hell of a fighter
When it comes to breaking out of molds and placements
I'm the one to make them change their expectations


I'm just telling y'all how I really feel. Y'all don't have to like my ish
Y'all been wanting someone who's really real so y'all might just like my ish
I'm just laying my cards out from the deal. Y'all don't have to like my ish
My main goal is not that mass appeal but y'all might just like my ish


[Outro Bridge]
Track Name: Voices In My Head (Feat. Erin)
[Hook: Erin and (KayR)]
Every night I lay awake with these voices in my head
I give and give, they always take they're pulling at the thread
But I just keep thinking
(I'm finished, I'm done)
And my ears keep ringing
(I've gotta go, gotta run)
I cannot hear my thoughts with all these voices in my head

[Verse 1: KayR]
They want my mind body and soul
I can't hardly control, I've been part of this show
For so long. I don't want to let go
But these voices keep banging at the door
This cacophony is blasting me, it has to be
A tragedy wrapped in a masterpiece
I'm not sure but I'd rather be
Anyone else. I'm sad to see
This face in the mirror. I'm losing my spirit
I can't stop the hate. It's only getting clearer
And I hear it (hear it, hear it). I'm running out of hope
It's Thomas Horn: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
And I'm a ghost. All I want to do is be
But these voices got a different plan for me


[Verse 2: KayR]
The only walls they can't get through are these soundproofed ones
So I stay in the booth. Dude's screws going loose and the ground moves from
Below me, below me, I'm losing all of my homies
My music sounding so phoney. Suddenly I'm so lonely
(Help!) Get me right up out of this mess
I'm tired of all of this stress. Got no feeling now in my chest
And that's frightening. I'm writing to save myself from this tightening
Grip on my mind. My face is just whitening
And I hear it (hear it, hear it). Every noise is a cut
Daniel Day-Lewis: I'm betting There Will Be Blood
It's a flood. I'm trying to build up a dam now
But I can't now cause these damn sounds of these voices are so damn loud


[Verse 3: KayR]
So I've got to face the faces and silence the voices
Go at them with five nines and I don't mean Royces
Kill the haters with the mic. Block out their faces with the light
Destroy 'em all, destroy 'em all so I'm left, but they ain't right
Walk outside. Suddenly my mind is so free
Why do I care what these haters think of me?
I can prove 'em wrong with my raps, I can prove 'em wrong but I won't
I make music for myself. You can yell "Stop!" but I don't
And I hear it (hear it, hear it). The crowds clapping at night
Now I'm Denzel Washington. Boy, I'm taking Flight
And I write. Pencil to the pad and I'm golden
But keep the hook on the line like a modem. Yeah, I told 'em


[Outro: KayR]
Uh-huh. The only way to silence the voices is to ignore the voices
And to ignore the voices, you've just got to be you
Always take criticism. Never take bull
That's the truth
Haha. Open your mind
Drama Gang on it. Haha
Alright. Yo
Track Name: Glide (Feat. Kieran Moolchan)
[Hook: Kieran Moolchan]
That world you've got on your shoulders
It's weighing you down, it's wrapping around
You've got to let it go
All your control's an illusion
It ends in confusion, you need to relax
And then just let it all go
Just let it all go
You need to let it go
Let it all go

[Verse 1: KayR]
One glance in the mirror, I see a little clearer
A person that I used to know, used to know
Used to go crazy at times. Having people thinking that I'm losing my mind
At parties I was a blast. Now I'm always staying on task
Got a mask, but it's wearing thin. It's becoming part of my skin
I can feel it, feel it, deep in my spirit, a longing to get away
From this desk and this screen, it's messing with me. I feel like it's safe to say
I've gotta relax, let loose. Do I dare? It's the truth
Relax, let loose. I try but it's no use, and


[Verse 2: KayR]
Then something starts to pound
It's the sound of a speaker speaking out
It's speaking loud, right to my chest, wait
The drums kick right, through my breastplate
And restart my heart. Bloods pumping now
And I really sort of feel like jumping 'round
Won't touch the ground. I'm going to touch the sky
Let loose, feel free, no time to hide. I'll just glide
Across the ceiling, nobody matching how I'm feeling
Leave them reeling. Point me to the stage
I'm a dog off the leash, a beast with no cage
Engage. Full throttle. I used to feel so hollow
Now I feel like I could swallow the
Whole world. Clap your hands and follow me
It's like

[Bridge: (Kieran Moolchan) & KayR]
(Ooh. Just glide. Ooh)
It's like
Well, it's like
I'm sure you've all felt this way before but it's like there's been times in my life where
I've had so much on my plate that I've just felt drained
I had no emotions left
Just tasks to complete and things to do
And then I found my outlet
My outlet is music. My outlet is theatre, and acting and directing
My outlet is creativity
And if I can find that, you can too
Let's go

[Hook x 2]
Track Name: Terrific
[Verse 1: KayR]
KayR, uh
Oh, we going old school on 'em
Alright, yo, yo
I'm just rolling with my homies all packed in my black civic
In fact, I'm on track with it. You wacks getting smacked with it. Woo!
Physical pacifist. Lyrical activist
To get the beat off and the beat is a masochist
Castle this. I am the king and I told ya
I know you didn't think that this kid could move boulders
But I'm rocking the mic, and I'm dropping it like
My name was Buster Douglas and I'm in a fight
With Mr. Tyson. I liken myself to a god
I might spin your facade and begin a new plot
To have you smashed and damaged, trashed and bandaged
And leave you unknown like a label you could manage
Can it. I roll with writers and jokers
Like I smoke tree with Ledger and Nicolas Cage posters
Improving and bobbing and weaving. Dodging your plots for defeat and
Showing everybody what the walk that I talk is meaning. Ugh

I'm terrific
Yes-yes I get it
You ball? Well, I hit it, hit it
When I spit it, y'all wanna quit it
I'm teriffic
I'm-I'm terrific
Yes-yes I get it
You ball? Well, I hit it, hit it
When I spit it, y'all wanna quit it
I'm teriffic

[Verse 2]
I'm killing beats by any means necessary
And I'm mean. Yes, I'm scary. Ketamine and stress and sherry
It's getting wasted and worn out
Is that opportunity up at my door now?
Thor now. But I used to be low-key
Nobody knew that this half-white hokey would ghost beats
Give me a track and I'll bomb that
Breaking up stages, uppercuts from Mortal Kombat (Toasty!)
Coming off of a spaceship
All these other rappers are awesomely basic
Face it. I got potential, won't waste it
And I don't see a challenge like I just got maced, kid
Went to a catholic school and I was not cool
I never broke no rules and never smoked no jewels
But now I got people saying, "Hey! Ain't that something?"
Cause while y'all was fronting, Kay was stunting


[Verse 3]
I'm terrific and supreme, superlative and I'm preme
First class, first rate and first pick on the team
You can't match this matchless man on a beam
You outweighed. A quarter month, man. You weak
You a feast to a beast, I'm a man to a moron
I'm out of sight like I'm banned from a forum
I demand that you pour on the flattery, mang
Cause in a matter of time I might splatter these brains
With stylistic punchlines and phonetic fists
Burning through pencils with my poetic wrist
So go get a kiss and a hug from your loved ones
I shove one more beat into the oven
So I guess this spit is cooking music
I guess I'll quit with cooking stupids
'Cause I like the word play right? Arthur Miller
Everything I spit is just killer

Track Name: Solid (Feat. SwizZz)
[Intro: KayR]
(Everything we do is just solid)
Yo, KayR
(Everything we do is just solid)
Funk Volume
Hey SwizZz
(Everything we do is just solid)
You think we got this?
(Everything we do is just solid)
Yeah, me too
Ugh. Yo

[Verse 1: KayR]
Yup I'm going harder
Than a martyr. I've been darting since the start of the border
And I'm heading straight for your eardrums
Here comes fear. Dumb kids get speared. Run
And place the beat in a casket
Yup it's going down like a baby in a basket
Drastic measures must be taken
No Liam Neeson. I'm squeezing a beat up until it's breaking
Quaking. What the heck you think was gonna happen?
I'm a psycho watching poetry with rubber bands. Snapping
Slapping those who rapping. Getting on their tracks and lapping
If they napping then I get to smacking, cracking, stabbing, wacking
Packing preposterous. Popping off of the top with this
Polished plop that'll never stop and get dropped or impoverished
No collar, kids. I'm off the leash so you can call it quits
Cause I'm finished with your college kid politics. Unh

Everything we do is just solid
Better acknowledge or go back to college (college)
Cause we keep it so polished
Got ya gassed up, you can check your mileage (ha ha ha)

Everything we do is just solid
Better acknowledge or go back to college (college)
Cause we keep it so polished
Got ya gassed up, homie you can check your mileage

[Verse 2: KayR]
Solid as cement trucks. You think that you can dent us?
We got the patent on this game like we is the inventors
You can't stand us. Stand down to stand-up guys
We lean like kickstands on slammed up bikes
Jammed up tight deep inside of your mindset
We so crisp like the vibe and the hi-hat
Divide and decide that the knife is inside that
Heart of the beat. At the end is where it's life's at
"God darn it, Kay. Why'd you go and harm it?
It's looking like Pearl Harbor now and there is no Josh Hartnett
You can't stop it once you start it!"
Got 'em banging on the ceilings like bad neighbors in apartments
LARPing. These kids, are all about that role play
No bakery games, I'm baking lames up with a cold spray
Like a fire hose. I fire those old fakes
Solid cause I'm going hard. Do not try to hold Kay


[Verse 3: SwizZz]
Well look. Somebody gassed you up saying, "you hot!"
You think you are but you're not, nobody wants you to drop
That bullshit album you got, you know it will flop
Like long titties with no bra. You ain't earning a spot
Up in this rap game. (Hey!) Back back mang. (Why?)
Cause I'm tossing grenades out the driver side when I pass lanes (Woo!)
I act strange. Smack lames. Attack, maimed
Every school teacher that tried to give me a bad grade (Eh!)
FV is the name of the label. I'm fulling willing and able
To give it to you from all different angles
Before you know what hit you you'll have a hole in you the size of a bagel
Getting strangled and slammed through a glass table
Hahaha. That's a laugh for your bitch ass
You don't get cash, you get bullied. You lick ass
And get harassed by niggas like me and KayR
We solid like Snake. Got the game open, ajar


[Verse 4: KayR]
I'm like Colossus in the process of transformation
Process the information, I'm a monster that's raging
Paging the doctor I've got rigamortis
I'm alive and well but I'm making rappers porous
I'll have a staring contest with Medusa
Find Mr. Freeze's wife and try and abuse her
I'm magma, lava thrown in the cooler
Put me in the cryogenic freezer for a few. Uh
Thinking with your brain? Well I'm training you to
I'm going hard in the game like clay from Cranium do
I'm draining you dudes with unattainable moves
Start an all out war and start invading your booths
I'm a statue. I lasso yahoos with a gat who
Thought that made them hard. I surpass. I don't match you
Crash you. We solid. You could check the concept
KayR and Swizzle with the hip-hop bomb threat

Track Name: On Fire
[Verse 1]
Causing more harm and drama than a bomb in a busy sauna
Sipping an Arnold Palmer in the corner with your mama
See I'm over all like a normal farmer's armor
Flow sharper than arms in the palms of Jeffery Dahmer
I'm lava. Holy fuck, like masses on a mattress
Spitting tracks that get met with claps and massive gasps it's
Passive? The dashboard smashed and gas is in the gashes
Car crash flow, I'm a blow. Where the matches?
(Where the matches?)
(W-w-where the matches?)
(Where the matches?)
(I'm a blow. Where the matches?)

And they say I'm on fire with it
Yeah, I smoke. But I don't get higher with it
Spit fire 'til it looks like a pyre with it
Flames. Flames. I'm on fire with it
Yeah, ugh, I be burning up
Scorching and torching 'em homie, you should turn it up
I ain't a pro yet, but I ain't a beginner
That's why the rap game's getting left in cinders

[Verse 2]
Scorching and torching up your porch to your front door
Poaching for some music. You only know four chords
I'm forcing these wars to stop with their toy swords
No ignoring. I be boring some holes through floor boards
Yo, give me that recognition
Cause I be burning gas these other wacks got wrecked ignitions
You can check the frames like you wrecked your vision
I be burning bright. Blinding like your retina's missing
Sizzling, searing 'em with that molten lava
Hoping java'll devour their need to be cowards
Wake up! Don't be scared of my music
The only reason to be fearing is if you abuse it
Yes I use it to trailblaze my city
You failed lames ain't witty
You getting shamed with pitty
You repping lames that's silly
I'm telling them I'm gritty
My tracks are so hot they burn themselves to a CD


[Verse 3]
Spit entire balls of fire at these phony liars
Ripping wires from their webs now they're just lonely spiders
Only writers that match me are homies. I'd've
Thought y'all had been scorched trying to clone the lighters
Char you to cinders, blast you to ashes
Taking heat from the sun like the back of a cactus
Got her back on the mattress, I'm packing the madness
I'm slamming the game with heavy hits like smacking the fat kids
Leave it in cinders, I bend the beginning sinners
Befriend all the trendy winners and pretend they are my dinner
Munch on 'em, with a sick beat
Crunch on 'em, extra crispy
And they're six feet. No, that's wrong
I had them cremated with my blowtorch tongue
Forth course? Done. Man I promise you
I'll eat any hater I can barbeque
I be carving through a crowd with carbon fuel around
My body you can say I'm Johnny Storming through
So here I come. Man, somebody call the circus
I'm a fire spitter, and that's just perfect
Now my work is burning up the dirt it's
'Bout to set it off. I hope you know it's going to hurt kids
So say your prayers, and learn to take the pain brah
Cause I'm 'bout to burn the whole rap game up
(Burn the whole rap game up)
(B-b-burn the whole rap game up)
(Burn the whole rap game up)
(Cause I'm 'bout to burn the whole rap game up)
Track Name: My Ends (Feat. Tre Nyce)
[Intro: KayR]
Woo! Okay
And Tre Nyce. Let's do it

[Hook: Tre Nyce & (KayR)]
What you want, want
What you need?
If I ain't got it I can get it from the team
You know you 'bout it, 'bout it
So what it be?
You wanna get down then you've got to pay a fee
You know I'm bout my ends (work)
My ends (work), My ends (work)
My ends (work), My ends (work)
My ends (work), My ends (work)
And I don't see no end (work)
No end (work), No end (work)
No end (work), No end (work)
No end (work), No end (work)
You know I'm 'bout it

[Verse 1: KayR]
My ends and my means, boy. Drama Gang is my team, boy
I'm working to realize my dr-dr-dr-dr-dreams, boy
Money ain't the motive, I just got the passion
To rap and get to smashing other rappers in my path and
I've got 'em real shook. Tre Nyce on the hook
Northern lights in the sights, it's amazing take a look
I want that skyline in my vision, so just give this a listen
You missing and I'm whizzing past you with expert precision
Vocation is to waste 'em on a beat cause I'm amazing
Check the space and time and place. Tell me that I won't just blaze 'em
Like a trail, boy. You looking pale, boy
I give 'em bars, bars, bars, like a jail, boy. Hahaha


[Verse 2: KayR]
Like I'm teaching 'bout vegetables, man, I'm schooling 'em on beats
I'm a nympho to my notebook cause I'm always in the sheets
But I leave the bed alone. No sleep for a youngin'
Other rappers always aiming for the bucks like they huntin'
But not me, man. I'm just clean, man
Presidential on the screen. Call it C-SPAN
This ain't a g-thang. It's just a me thang
I ain't strapping guns but, listen homie, we bang
On these beats with no protection wrecking up the intersection
If lames in my lanes then dang I'm a have to make a connection
With their vehicles then I'm rolling, cause I already told 'em
I hope these other rappers have a thing for off-roading. Ha


[Verse 3: KayR]
I'm 'bout the work and I'm bound to work to get every other rapper down in the dirt
And I found the skirt and the blouse and shirt of your boyfriend, girl, that's bound to hurt
And I'm sorry. I'll expose 'em like I gotta
Rolling with my drama. They frozen with some trauma
But I don't care, man. I'm just blaring on these speakers like bear and
Prepared and have no fear and I want everybody staring
As I drop it, like a subject I don't like
You Mike and Ike up on the mic, so sweet but I won't bite
You creeping on your bike? You just a little tyke
Listen to the hook, you could say that's nice
I said, you creeping on your bike? You just a little tyke, man
Listen to the hook and you could say that's nice. Ugh

Track Name: Catatonic
Lift it up like a jack, son. I've been Michael
You working on going nowhere like a spin-cycle
You get the big picture, man. I'm fish-eye cool
I could kill twelve rappers with every diss I pull (Jesus!)
I'm standing at the top, you can't topple me
Keep on rolling, like I'm hitting doubles in Monopoly
But you be seeing bars, man. Your flock'll flee
Rhyme and reason? I got a lot with me

Call-call-call me Mr. Catatonic. I'm a bomb it and it's done
Up-up in college with that knowledge and I drop it from my tongue
Oh-oh man. I won't ever stop it
I leave the beat catatonic
At the drop of the hat, I be stomping the rats
I get it poppin' and that's a fact you ought to relax
Cause there ain't nothing you can do now, I'm on it
I leave the beat catatonic

[Verse 1]
Spit it quick and I got the whole city rocking
Then I'll split and leave your whole city talking
Broke your girls heart from the way I got it popping and locking
Now get to walking cause the drums just be knocking
I'm what y'all been searching for, interstellar fella with a future flow
Hate is not unusual but I stop your goals like Patrick Roy
Racquetball, I'm going off the wall. Kick it like I'm playing with a soccer ball
Rocket flow, I'm going to knock you all to the wall when I ball. Man, I'm shocking y'all
That's good, cause I'm in it. Get-get out of my business
I'm Popeye on spinach. You flop like you finish

Let the trunk rattle. Like cattle, you heard it
Got my head swelling up like I was allergic
Flow's getting dirty. Better grab the detergent
It's urgent. My words dent the beat, call the surgeon
Go in and cut. Take the beat's body and open it up
Was it broken or struck in the throat with a buck
From a Canadian alien who was blowing it up
Bulimic with the deuces, haters throwing 'em up
It goes


Call-call-call me Mr. Catatonic. I'm a bomb it and it's done
Up-up in college with that knowledge and I drop it from my tongue
Oh-oh man. I won't ever stop it
I leave the beat catatonic
Track Name: Get A Grip
I don't want to let you go, but I never had a hold in the first place
Said I don't want to let you go, and now you've got my world in the worst way
Now I'm gonna trip, gonna slip, gonna flip
Dip out in the whip. Ride round, down the strip
Now sound from my lips, but I wanna settle this
I just wanna get a grip on you

[Verse 1]
How the heck did we get here? Didn't expect to be left here
My pleas fall on deaf ears. Reality signs no checks here
Can't steer this car no more. Caught all up in this carnival
Of emotions. More ghost than human. Being with you is all I know
All I go is crazy when you're not around
Nothing else can phase me, I'm not touching ground
You pump the blood in my veins and you don't even know it
Always doing shows but I never really showed it
So I'm right here, calling on you. Please pick up, I've fallen on you
I'm tired of stalling on you. I don't mean to get appalling on you
But you are the greatest thing in my life. If you leave I won't be alright
Can this be? Can you feel my plight? Can you believe? Can you see the light
Bright? I just need you here
Tonight. Need to see you clear
Without you, I'm lost and it shows
So I let go and all my thoughts get exposed, like


[Verse 2]
As I sit in this car seat thinking 'bout you departing
Thinking 'bout hitting the reset button, and-and-and restarting
Pull over, pull out the car keys. But the song is still harping
That ain't no kick drum. That's my heart beat
Never really gave myself a chance to describe my stance
On the matter of us. Now you kicking up dust and you let go of my hand
And I'm reaching out, but only shadows reach back
Holding out with regret. Eyes open now, I see that
You're gone, really gone, and I could've done so much more
I chase visions in the night, with my pedal to the floor
I implore you to understand if I could go back in time
You might be mine. I never should've kept those thoughts in my mind
Now I'm stuck
Feeling down and struck
In the oncoming lane I see a truck
I'm on self destruct. Ugh

[Hook x 2]
Track Name: Sing It Out (Feat. Erin)
[Verse 1: KayR]
Working and exerting myself to the end
Of my rope and I'm hoping that fans don't have to pretend
That they like the tracks the features and the package it's in
When I put out my CD, cause I been stuck with this pen
Between my fingers for hours, trying to figure it out
I've been thinking with power but it won't trigger my mouth
Trying single it out, the thoughts that seem most clear
But I feel stuck in the middle, like a C note here
Behind this desk with this screen just lighting my room
Take a walk to clear my mind and try to think of a tune
Or a melody and there'll be something that's cool
Floating around in my head but when it seems like it's true
It's just gone (g-g-g-g-gone, gone). Where did it go?
I think I lost it, so then I try to think of a flow
How 'bout a rhyme scheme that's dope? Everything just seems to go
Out the window, man. This music got me feeling so cold. Ugh

[Hook: Erin]
I can feel the inspiration and I need to bring it out
But I've got an aspiration and I need to sing it out
This feels like suffocation and my ears are ringing now
But I've got and aspiration and I need to sing it out

[Verse 2: KayR]
I've got to sing it out, bring it out from my soul. Think about
Everything I dream about. Take my shirt and wring it out
Sweating through it. Feeling clouds closing in my mind
But then I just rewind, wait until the engine's primed
But when I push on the pedal, something changes the stakes
I'm blasting in full throttle, but I've cut my own breaks
And now I'm starting to shake. Can't stop. My writing is great
But I be losing everything around. I'm starting to take
A new form. I'm a monster. What is this place?
I'm just pouring out songs at an unseen pace
Something shakes inside and it's going to quake
Right through the surface of my mind and it's going to break
I want to go back to the way things were. Couldn't write a track but my brain was there
Feeling cracks in the paint I swear. I never ever thought that I could end up here
This ain't music. This ain't talent. This is something way off balance
This is something I can't challenge. This is something I can't fathom. Ugh


[Bridge: Erin]

[Hook x2]
Track Name: The Lights
Yo, KayR
Unh. Uh-huh
Let's do it
Yo, yeah, unh

[Verse 1]
Yo, listen to the prophecy
I gotta be on top of these tragedies call me Sophocles
I'm constantly impossibly spitting that deadly honesty
Got so many skills you'd think I deal with Mephistopheles
And you obnoxious gs chilling and you're doubting
While I'm spilling like a fountain, flowing, trying to amount to
The things in my dreams. Do more numbers than accountants
Cause I'm leading the pack, but I ain't the one scouting
That's for the record heads, cause I could leave a record dead
In a couple seconds or less. So where the records at?
I will have you taking back everything you ever said
About how I could never endeavor to get to wrecking it
Unh. You haters causin' anguish
They say money talks I'm just tryna learn the language
I just wanna be successful
You haters wasting all the lead in my pencils


You never had faith in my dreams, said it's hard to believe
But now you'll see the lights, the lights
And it'll start with the screams, the crowds and the teams of supporters for me
And I will be in the lights, the lights
(I will be in the lights)

[Verse 2]
So maybe grab sunglasses
And prepare to get passed by the fastest
Who's puttin' you on blast. It's savage to the masses
If you sleepin' on me, I'll put your ass through the mattress
Past tense rappers getting wrapped up
And all these present tense actors in a cast. What
Do you think I mean when I say "I get lunar"?
I make 'em tense cause I say "I'm from the future"
New to this spit, learn my name quick
Just keep on rapping and, boy, my game sick
KayR getting ill on this damn arrangement
Keep on doubting, I'm soaring in my spaceship
Unh. I'm trying to put the ME in FAME
And you trying to F me in the A
I thought there was an US in FAMOUS
Guess what FAMO I mean it when I say this



So let me see your hearts tonight
Cause I'm just gonna beam it bright
Through every house and home it might
Take over the world. Yeah that's right. Unh
Sorry hater, did you say something?
I couldn't hear ya cause I feel the lights coming
Haha, I feel the lights coming
The lights coming sing it with me, come on. It goes

[Hook x2]
Track Name: The Fade